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OECD Says Australia is ‘Low Equity’ in Educational Resources

Posted on Monday October 20, 2014

A new PISA in Focus published by the OECD shows that the gap in educational resources between advantaged and disadvantaged schools in Australia is the fifth largest in the OECD and one of the largest of all the 65 countries participating in PISA. >> Read on...

SOS Supplementary Submission on Low SES Funding Loadings

Posted on Saturday October 18, 2014

A supplementary submission by Save Our Schools to the Federal Government’s review of the low SES funding loadings says that the proposal by Independent Schools Victoria to remove the additional loadings for schools with greater concentrations of low SES students should be rejected. >> Read on...

Media Release: Call to Keep Funding Loadings for Disadvantaged Students

Posted on Thursday October 16, 2014

A proposal by Independent Schools Victoria to remove additional funding for highly disadvantaged schools is hypocritical, disingenuous and indefensible. It ignores a corpus of research evidence that supports more funding for disadvantaged schools. >> Read on...

Money Matters, Spend it Right

Posted on Tuesday October 14, 2014

Research shows that increased funding definitely improves student outcomes, especially for disadvantaged students. Claims by the Federal Minister for Education regarding large increases in funding over the past decade are incorrect. >> Read on...

Gonski Funding Will Future Proof Access to Quality Education

Posted on Saturday October 11, 2014

Gonski funding will provide significant learning opportunities for students most in need. >> Read on...

Claimed Advantage for Disadvantaged Students in Charter Schools is Much Ado About Nothing

Posted on Wednesday October 8, 2014

The evidence for Jennifer Buckingham’s claim that the expansion of Independent Public Schools will benefit students who have the most to gain does not stack up. >> Read on...

NAPLAN Results Provide Little Joy and Much Concern

Posted on Monday October 6, 2014

The preliminary NAPLAN results for 2014 show that reading and numeracy have stagnated across Year levels while writing has continued to decline. >> Read on...

Media Release:Uninvited Submission Calls for Gonski Plus Funding Loadings for Disadvantaged Students

Posted on Wednesday October 1, 2014

An uninvited submission from Save Our Schools to the Federal Government’s selective consultation on the Gonski funding loadings for disadvantaged students has called for the loadings to be increased. >> Read on...

The Case for Gonski Plus Funding Loadings for Low SES Students

Posted on Tuesday September 30, 2014

An education research brief from SOS shows that the current Federal Government funding loadings for low SES students are far too low to be effective. >> Read on...

Worth a Read: Week Ending 28 September

Posted on Saturday September 27, 2014

Some articles from last week worth reading. >> Read on...

Victorian Report on School Autonomy is Intellectually Bankrupt

Posted on Tuesday September 23, 2014

The Victorian Competition and Efficiency report on school autonomy says that research studies show that the effect of school autonomy on school results is inconclusive. However, the Commission rejects is own finding and recommends increasing school autonomy. >> Read on...

Worth a Read: Week Ending 20 September

Posted on Saturday September 20, 2014

Some articles from last week worth a read. >> Read on...

Review of Low SES Loadings Should be Public

Posted on Saturday September 20, 2014

Unpublished letter to The Australian criticizes the lack of transparency of the review of the low SES loadings. >> Read on...

Inspiring Letter From a Principal on NAPLAN

Posted on Thursday September 18, 2014

A Western Australian principal has written an inspiring letter to his students to put their NAPLAN results into perspective. >> Read on...

Media Release: Public is Not Invited to Low SES Funding Loadings Review

Posted on Tuesday September 16, 2014

The Federal Government has confirmed that its review of the low SES funding loadings is not open to the public and is confined to selected invitees. The review is considering whether the loadings should be changed. >> Read on...

Australia Still Lags Badly in Pre-School Education

Posted on Sunday September 14, 2014

OECD figures show that Australia lags well behind most other OECD countries in enrolment in pre-school education. >> Read on...

Save Our Schools Calls for Submissions on Gonski Funding Loadings for Low SES students

Posted on Tuesday September 9, 2014

Under pressure from public school organisations the Federal Government has opened up the hitherto secret and biased review of the Gonksi low SES funding loadings. SOS calls on public school organisations, teachers, principals and parents to make submissions. >> Read on...

Media Release: Funding for Low SES Students is Under Threat by Secret and Biased Consultation

Posted on Monday September 8, 2014

The secrecy and biased representation of private schools in the Government’s consultation on low SES funding loadings is a threat to the future funding of low SES students and schools. >> Read on...

OECD Says That Competition in Education Has Failed

Posted on Tuesday September 2, 2014

The OECD says that more competition between schools has failed to improve student results and has increased social segregation between students. >> Read on...

Australia’s Chinese Students do as well as Shanghai Students

Posted on Thursday August 28, 2014

New research shows that Australia’s Chinese students do just as well as Shanghai students in the PISA tests. It suggests that the large difference in average results between Shanghai and Australia is due to cultural factors rather than education policies. >> Read on...

Are Gifted and Talented Classes a Bright Idea?

Posted on Sunday August 24, 2014

Despite the increasing expansion and popularity of gifted and talented programs, there is little evidence that they are effective. A new research study shows that they do not improve the results of students. >> Read on...

It is the Funding Stupid: Fixing Remote Indigenous Student Attendance

Posted on Sunday August 17, 2014

Northern Territory funding of remote and very remote schools on the basis of attendance rather than enrolments is making it harder to improve Indigenous student achievement in these areas. >> Read on...

Independent Public Schools in England are More Socially Selective

Posted on Wednesday August 13, 2014

Free schools in England add to social segregation between schools because they take fewer poor children than other local schools. >> Read on...

What Do Standardized Tests Actually Test?

Posted on Monday August 11, 2014

A US educator answers the question of “what do standardized tests teach”. >> Read on...

Public Schools Do As Well as Catholic and Independent Schools

Posted on Friday August 8, 2014

New research has found that Catholic and Independent schools achieve no better results than public schools after taking account of student background characteristics. >> Read on...

South Korea’s Education System is a Form of Child Abuse

Posted on Wednesday August 6, 2014

The South Korean education system has a dark underside. Its cram schools and authoritarian teachers produce ranks of overachieving students who pay a high price in health and happiness. >> Read on...

New Data on the Education Divide Between Rich and Poor

Posted on Tuesday August 5, 2014

A new paper by the Australian Bureau of Statistics provides more evidence on the education divide between rich and poor. >> Read on...

The Evidence Does Not “Stack-up” for Independent Public Schools

Posted on Sunday August 3, 2014

Professor Alan Reid has demolished the case for independent public schools. He says that the concept of independent public schools is an oxymoron and the evidence that they improve student outcomes does not stack-up. >> Read on...

The Debate is Over: Money Matters in Education

Posted on Thursday July 31, 2014

An SOS research paper shows that the debate over whether money matters in education is over. Money does matter, especially for disadvantaged students. >> Read on...

Money Matters in Education

Posted on Saturday July 26, 2014

A comprehensive review of research studies on the relationship between school funding and student achievement shows that money matters in education, especially for disadvantaged students. >> Read on...



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