Media Release 17 September 2006 – Chief Minister Should Apologise to Indigenous Families on School Closures

Save Our Schools today called on the Chief Minister to apologise for denying that his school closure plan will severely impact on Indigenous students and families and for his failure to consult with Indigenous communities on school closures.

SOS spokesperson, Trevor Cobbold, said that the Chief Minister has put school closures first and the needs of Indigenous students and parents second. Continue reading “Media Release 17 September 2006 – Chief Minister Should Apologise to Indigenous Families on School Closures”

Low Income Families Hit by School Closure Plan

Save Our Schools Canberra said today that low income families will be hit hard by the Stanhope Government’s school closure plan. Trevor Cobbold, SOS spokesperson, said that many of the schools listed for closure serve the least well-off communities in Canberra.

Continue reading “Low Income Families Hit by School Closure Plan”

Safety Checklists for Walking and Cycling School

How safe will it be for your children to walk or cycle to a new school if your neighbourhood school closes?

You can assess the safety of routes to the new school by using a Walking to School or Cycling to School Checklist. Sample checklists can be downloaded from: &

As you walk or cycle, use the checklist to describe problem areas and things to change. After the walk or bike ride, answer all of the questions and you’ll see how the route to the new school rates on a convenient scale. The checklist can be adapted as required to meet your local needs.

You can use this assessment as part of your submission on the Towards 2020 Plan. It can also be used as the basis for a media release to highlight the lack of planning by the Stanhope Government to provide traffic calming or pedestrian and cycling safety infrastructure for students travelling longer distances to and from school as a result of school closures.

A range of other resources on safe routes to school is available from the US National Center for Safe Routes to School .

Kambah Community Fun Day Sunday 30 July

The Kambah community is inviting the public to a fun afternoon of free children’s entertainment, including face painting, balloon modelling, jumping castles, clowns and games.

The Community Fun Day is in aid of the multiple school closures in the area, and provides an opportunity for families to talk to others facing a similar situation.

So bring the kids along, a blanket and picnic lunch (bbq’s are provided) and join in the fun

WHERE: Kambah Oval No. 3
Kett Street Kambah
(Opposite the Burns Club)

WHEN: Sunday 30th July 2006
1pm til 3pm

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Request statement of reasons for your school being closed

Parents affected by school closures may be entitled to request a statement of reasons from the Minister for Education under the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act 1989 (“ADJR Act”). The ADJR Act applies provides aggrieved persons with ways to appeal decisions and hold decision-makers accountable for their decisions. Continue reading “Request statement of reasons for your school being closed”

Send us your news

Send us news about planned events and activities. Send us information on the Government’s consultations.

  • Is the Government providing adequate and accurate information?
  • Are there adequate opportunities to get clear answers rather than Government rhetoric and ‘spin’?
  • Is the Department collecting information on the educational, financial and social impact of school closures on students, their families and the school community as required by the Education Act?

Send us information on the Government’s figures on your school.

  • Are the Department’s school capacity figures for your school accurate?
  • Does your school have portable classrooms that are not being used? Is this unused space included in the Department’s estimates of school capacity?
  • Does your school have tenants co-located in the school? Is space used by tenants counted as school capacity in the Department’s figures?
  • Are the Department’s excess capacity figures for your school accurate? Do they include classrooms used for computer laboratories or other education uses?
  • Does your school have separate special education units? Are the costs of these units included as part of the school’s costs?
  • Does your child’s class have students with disabilities? How many? How many students with disabilities in your school? [Note: the reason for requesting this information is that different schools have different percentages of students with disabilities who attract higher funding and thus contribute to the different costs of schools.]

Use this contact form to send us any information.

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Public Education Under Attack

The dispute between the ACT Government and teachers is getting worse!

The 6 June Budget, crafted by Chief Minister and Treasurer Jon Stanhope, took the knife to jobs and services across the ACT public sector. The public school system was not immune from the knife as the ACT Government targeted cuts of at least 120 teaching positions in secondary schools, 15 teaching positions in primary schools and 10 itinerant staff across the system. It also flagged the loss of 90 support staff in the education bureaucracy. The announcement of 39 potential preschool and school closures has sent many school communities into a fury, and the ad hoc and destructive nature of many of the proposals has been scrutinised in the media and at public meetings. Continue reading “Public Education Under Attack”