A Public Inquiry into ACT School Results Is Long Overdue

An ACT Legislative Assembly Committee report on student test results has re-ignited the controversy over school performance. It draws on several reports showing under-performance in comparison with other states and recommends a public inquiry into the causes.

A full public inquiry is even more necessary than suggested by the Committee. It is needed to address the poor results of disadvantaged students and high inequity in outcomes between rich and poor as well as general under-performance relative to the ACT’s demographic characteristics.

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Expert Review of ACT Education System is Urgently Needed

An expert public inquiry into the state of ACT education is urgently needed. We need to better understand the trends in education outcomes and inequities in outcomes in the ACT and we need to find out what are the factors behind these trends. Save Our Schools has been calling for this for the past eight years. It is backed up by a string of recent expert and official reports, the latest being a report by the Grattan Institute. Continue reading “Expert Review of ACT Education System is Urgently Needed”

The Folly of ACT School Closures Revealed

Education Minister Joy Burch has exposed the folly of the 2006 school closures as an expensive and short-sighted mistake. The loss of spare capacity has now seen new classrooms built in schools only kilometres from closed schools, at a cost of tens of millions of dollars.

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Flynn and friends raise $50,000 and survive ‘strike out’

The Flynn Primary School Parents and Citizens Association has lodged the $50,000 required to continue its legal challenge to school closures and survived an application to ‘strike out’ the action in the ACT Supreme Court today. Continue reading “Flynn and friends raise $50,000 and survive ‘strike out’”

Dismay from Cook P&C

Cook Primary School Parents & Citizens Association is dismayed that the large 2007 ACT Budget surplus has confirmed that the ACT Government’s massive program of school closures is unwarranted.

Any competent government would only have opted as a last resort for large scale school closures, with the associated distress and anxiety inflicted across the Canberra community.

Instead, the Stanhope Labor Government has blundered its way through a series of unwawrranted, knee-jerk measures in recent months, on the spurious grounds of averting acute financial collapse in the ACT.

The decisions on cuts to bus services, and hospital pay parking, have been reversed.

We can only hope that the Government will, belatedly, see reason and reverse its appalling school closures decisions.

Debbie Newton, School closures community liaison officer,
Cook P&C

7 June 2007

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Consultations on Future Uses of Closed School Sites

The Minister for Territories and Municipal Services, John Hargreaves, has announced a two-stage community consultation process on the future use of schools and pre-schools closed at the end of last year.

Primary schools in Flynn, Hall, Chifley (Melrose), Mt. Neighbour, Rivett, Tharwa and Weston closed at the end of 2006. Also included in the consultation process are two former primary school sites in Downer and North Curtin. Continue reading “Consultations on Future Uses of Closed School Sites”