Charter Schools Largely Fail to Improve Student Achievement

A new report published by the RAND Corporation shows that charter schools are not having the positive effect on student achievement claimed by their advocates. The study adds to the growing weight of evidence that competition between schools does not improve student achievement. It serves as yet another warning to the Rudd Government that this is not the path to school improvement. Continue reading “Charter Schools Largely Fail to Improve Student Achievement”

The Failure of England’s Education Revolution

The following article was published recently in The Guardian newspaper. It provides a succinct overview of the failure of the education revolution initiated by the Thatcher Government and expanded by the Blair Government. It is a salutary lesson for Australia where the Rudd Government is completing a similar market-oriented revolution in education initiated by the Howard Government with the introduction of school league tables. Continue reading “The Failure of England’s Education Revolution”

New Study Shows that Public Schools Do Better Than Private Schools in Maths

A new US study has found that public school students out-perform private school students in maths. The higher performance by public schools was attributed to more certified maths teachers and a modern maths curriculum and teaching. Continue reading “New Study Shows that Public Schools Do Better Than Private Schools in Maths”

New study shows that competition and choice do not raise student achievement

At the heart of the Rudd Government’s policy of reporting individual school results is an assumption that competition between schools will raise student achievement. The theory is that reporting school results will better inform parent choice of schools and the competition between schools for enrolments will act as an incentive for schools to improve student achievement. Continue reading “New study shows that competition and choice do not raise student achievement”

Choice or Equity in Education?

This paper, by Trevor Cobbold, was delivered to the Education Summit in Sydney in June 2008.

It argues that choice has failed the promise of its advocates to improve education outcomes and that it has not only deflected education systems from dealing with the major challenge of inequity in education, but has exacerbated inequity. Continue reading “Choice or Equity in Education?”

The Great School Fraud

This article is a summary of The Great School Fraud, a paper prepared for the Australian Education Union by Trevor Cobbold. The full paper can be downloaded below.

The Howard Government has consolidated the social divide in education in Australia by increasing the privatisation of schooling and promoting competition to determine who gets what in education. It is all based on fraudulent claims.

Continue reading “The Great School Fraud”