Study Shows Beneficial Effects of Increased Expenditure on Pre-School and Schools

A new study published by the prestigious US National Bureau of Economic Research has found that increased expenditure on disadvantaged pre-schoolers and disadvantaged schools improves school results and life outcomes. It shows strong synergies between increased expenditure on pre-school programs and school education. While spending of either type improved academic outcomes to some degree, access to both resulted in a dynamic complementarity that offered far greater long- term benefits. The findings suggest that early investments in the education of disadvantaged children that are followed by sustained educational investments over time can effectively break the cycle of poverty. Continue reading “Study Shows Beneficial Effects of Increased Expenditure on Pre-School and Schools”

Gonski 2.0 Entrenches Structural Incoherence and Inequity in School Funding

A basic flaw of Gonski 2.0 is that it abandons developing a national approach to school funding. Instead, it entrenches the structural incoherence of school funding so heavily criticised in the original Gonski report. It will only enhance inconsistencies in funding and ensure that the school funding wars between the Commonwealth and the States continue.

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Gonski 2.0 is a Fraud

The Turnbull Government’s Gonski 2.0 funding plan is a fraud. It is a fraud because it delivers much less funding to public schools and much more for private schools than Gonski 1.0. It is a fraud because public schools will remain under-funded while private schools will be well-funded. It is a fraud because there will be a massive increase in over-funding of private schools. Private schools will get a new, grander, special deal which is disguised by reducing over-funding in the most blatant cases. It is the best special deal that private schools have ever had. Gonski 2.0 is a fraud also because abandons any effort to develop a truly national school funding system while claiming to be a national approach. Continue reading “Gonski 2.0 is a Fraud”

Birmingham Holds Funding for Public Schools to Ransom

In an outrageous move, the Minister for Education, Simon Birmingham, has threatened to cut funding to public schools if Gonski 2.0 is not passed by the Senate. The threat covers public schools in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory while private schools in these states will be guaranteed their funding. Continue reading “Birmingham Holds Funding for Public Schools to Ransom”

Indexation of the Schooling Resource Standard Should be Reviewed by an Independent Expert Panel

The indexation of Schooling Resource Standard (SRS) against rising school costs is critical for school budgets because it is a central feature of Commonwealth Government funding of schools. If the rate of indexation fails to match increasing costs such as teacher salaries, educational materials and utility charges such as water and electricity, school budgets will be squeezed. Schools will not be able to afford the same level of human and material inputs as they have in past years. Continue reading “Indexation of the Schooling Resource Standard Should be Reviewed by an Independent Expert Panel”

Special Over-Funding Deal for ACT Catholic Systemic Schools to Continue

The Turnbull Government has done a back-flip on its promise to abolish all special funding deals for private schools. The Commonwealth Department of Education has announced that the special funding deal for ACT Catholic systemic schools will be maintained for another four years as a “temporary” assistance package. It will cost the taxpayer about $200 million. It took only four weeks for the Government to cave in to Catholic school demands to keep their massive over-funding.

Catholic systemic schools in Canberra are vastly over-funded by the Commonwealth Government. In 2016, the over-funding amounted to $50 million. Several schools are over-funded by more than $4 million each. Two schools are getting over four times what they are entitled to and several others are getting over double their entitlement. Several receive $5,000 per student or more in over-funding.

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Gonski 2.0 Abandons Public Schools and Increases Over-Funding of Private Schools

This is a summary of the Save Our Schools submission to the Senate Committee Inquiry on the Australian Education Amendment Bill.

Save Our Schools believes that the Australian Education Amendment Bill (Gonski 2.0) should be put aside until the Commonwealth and State and Territory governments have negotiated a national agreement on school funding.

Gonski 2.0 has too many serious flaws to proceed with. Continue reading “Gonski 2.0 Abandons Public Schools and Increases Over-Funding of Private Schools”

Gonski 2.0 Provides Even More Over-Funding for Private Schools

The following is a new Education Policy Brief from Save Our Schools. The paper together with the charts can be downloaded below.

Private schools are set to get more over-funding under Gonski 2.0, not less as the Turnbull Government claims. Far from reducing over-funding of private schools as the Government claims, Gonski 2.0 will massively increase over-funding. The Government has played a ‘smoke and mirrors’ trick by reducing over-funding for a very small number of grossly over-funded private schools while boosting over-funding for many more schools and retaining over-funding for others. It is a hoax on a grand scale. Continue reading “Gonski 2.0 Provides Even More Over-Funding for Private Schools”

Gonski 2.0 is a 40% Gonski

This is the first in a series of articles to be published by Save Our Schools on the Turnbull Government’s Gonski 2.0 school funding plan. The next article will examine private school funding.

Gonski 2.0 is not what is seems. It is not a good deal for public schools. Despite the appearance of a large increase in school funding to 2026-27, it will deliver only a miniscule increase in inflation-adjusted funding per student. The increase amounts to only about 40% of the increase planned under Gonski 1.0. Thousands of public schools will get much smaller increases than under Gonski 1.0. Continue reading “Gonski 2.0 is a 40% Gonski”

Private Schools are Over-funded by $4-6 Billion a Year

The Labor Shadow Education Minister, Tanya Plibersek, rejects redistributing funding from well-off private schools to disadvantaged schools. She claims that over-funding of private schools involves “a very small number of schools” and “is a drop in the bucket of the extra money required” to fully fund the Gonski plan.

She is completely mistaken. Thousands of private schools are over-funded by governments. They are over-funded to the tune of $4-$5.6 billion a year. This huge amount of taxpayer funds would be far better used to support disadvantaged students in both public and private schools. It would easily fund the last two years of the Gonski funding plan (originally estimated at $7 billion) which the Turnbull Government refuses to support. Continue reading “Private Schools are Over-funded by $4-6 Billion a Year”