League Tables Damned by Major UK Report

Friday October 23, 2009

Just as Australia is introducing reporting of school test results and the inevitable league tables that will follow, a major review of the primary curriculum in England has issued damning conclusions on the impact of standardized tests and league tables. Continue reading “League Tables Damned by Major UK Report”

Gillard Has Her Head in the Sand on Testing and Reporting

The education times are a-changing in the United States, but Julia Gillard is way behind the curve. Just as she embarks on her mission to transplant US style market-based education reforms in Australia their failure to deliver improved student outcomes is conceded by even their most trenchant advocates. Continue reading “Gillard Has Her Head in the Sand on Testing and Reporting”

Teachers Pressured to Change Student Results to Increase School Ranking

Over one-third of Chicago public high school teachers say they have been pressured to change student grades at some point in their careers in order to improve school results. Continue reading “Teachers Pressured to Change Student Results to Increase School Ranking”

League Tables Discussed at Politics in the Pub

Tuesday September 8, 2009

Greens Member of the NSW Legislative Council, John Kaye, and Trevor Cobbold, National Convenor of Save Our Schools, addressed Politics in the Pub in Sydney on Friday, 4 September, on “School League Tables – Success or Disaster?”

Trevor Cobbold’s presentation outlined government deception and sophistry on the introduction of league tables, why league tables are an unreliable indicator of school quality, how league tables harm education and how they lead to social segregation in schools. It also shows how so-called ‘like-school’ comparisons fail to compare like with like. Continue reading “League Tables Discussed at Politics in the Pub”

Gillard’s Favourite School Reporting Model is Totally Discredited

Julia Gillard’s beloved New York City school reporting system has been totally discredited following the release of new letter grades for New York City elementary and middle schools last week. The new results have been received with utter disbelief and ridicule by the New York media, academics and parent groups. Continue reading “Gillard’s Favourite School Reporting Model is Totally Discredited”

Call for ‘Health’ Warning on School Results

Julia Gillard and other Australian education ministers would be well advised to have a close look at a report published last month by a leading group of academics in England.

The report recommends that school test results should be published with a “health” warning. It says this is necessary because raw test scores only measure part of what schools do and are influenced by factors beyond schools’ control. It warns that publishing school test results may damage the very outcomes that it was designed to improve. The report also raises questions about the validity of like school comparisons. Continue reading “Call for ‘Health’ Warning on School Results”

Gillard Renews Threat of Sanctions Against Lowly Ranked Schools

Julia Gillard has yet again raised the spectre of using school results to punish low performing schools. She said on the SBS Insight program that principals deserve to be sacked if they repeatedly fail to lift their school’s performance. Continue reading “Gillard Renews Threat of Sanctions Against Lowly Ranked Schools”