Glasgow Save Our Schools Parents Stage Easter Sit-in Protest Over School Closures

Parents at two Glasgow primary schools have staged a sit-in over Easter in protest about the schools being closed. The following report is from The Guardian []. Check out the great photo.

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School Re-structuring Options Fail in the US

Kevin Rudd’s threat to apply school re-structuring sanctions against schools that fail to improve student achievement is doomed to failure according to a new US report on school sanctions. The report concludes that there is little to no evidence that re-structuring requirements for low performing schools deliver any improvements in student achievement. Continue reading “School Re-structuring Options Fail in the US”

Will the New York City Public Education System Survive?

Sunday March 29, 2009

The New York City model of public education is under constant criticism these days by parents, teachers and educators. Can it survive Mayor Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor, Joel Klein? This is the question asked by Diane Ravitch, Professor of Education at New York University and former Assistant Secretary of Education in the administration of President George Bush Snr. Julia Gillard would do well to re-think her admiration of what is happening in New York City schools. Continue reading “Will the New York City Public Education System Survive?”

Charter Schools Largely Fail to Improve Student Achievement

A new report published by the RAND Corporation shows that charter schools are not having the positive effect on student achievement claimed by their advocates. The study adds to the growing weight of evidence that competition between schools does not improve student achievement. It serves as yet another warning to the Rudd Government that this is not the path to school improvement. Continue reading “Charter Schools Largely Fail to Improve Student Achievement”

The Failure of England’s Education Revolution

The following article was published recently in The Guardian newspaper. It provides a succinct overview of the failure of the education revolution initiated by the Thatcher Government and expanded by the Blair Government. It is a salutary lesson for Australia where the Rudd Government is completing a similar market-oriented revolution in education initiated by the Howard Government with the introduction of school league tables. Continue reading “The Failure of England’s Education Revolution”