OECD Study Says that Markets Fail to Increase Innovation in Education

A new study published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has found that markets in education do not lead to innovation in teaching and curriculum. It finds that it is government intervention which is more likely to create improvements. Continue reading “OECD Study Says that Markets Fail to Increase Innovation in Education”

More Evidence that Gillard’s Faith in Competition is Misplaced

Just as John Howard and David Kemp did, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard have placed their faith in competition to improve school performance. This faith is proving entirely misplaced with many recent studies around the world showing that competition and markets in education fail to improve student performance and create greater social segregation between schools. Continue reading “More Evidence that Gillard’s Faith in Competition is Misplaced”

The Free Market and the Social Divide in Education

The Federal Government’s approach to education is fatally contradictory.

Extending the market in education and improving social equity are incompatible policies.

Inevitably, it is equity which loses out, as it has in England and the US. Instead of improving student achievement, market-oriented school systems lead to greater social segregation and exacerbate achievement gaps in schooling.

These are among the conclusions of a research paper by SOS’s Trevor Cobbold. Continue reading “The Free Market and the Social Divide in Education”

Charter Schools Largely Fail to Improve Student Achievement

A new report published by the RAND Corporation shows that charter schools are not having the positive effect on student achievement claimed by their advocates. The study adds to the growing weight of evidence that competition between schools does not improve student achievement. It serves as yet another warning to the Rudd Government that this is not the path to school improvement. Continue reading “Charter Schools Largely Fail to Improve Student Achievement”

The Failure of England’s Education Revolution

The following article was published recently in The Guardian newspaper. It provides a succinct overview of the failure of the education revolution initiated by the Thatcher Government and expanded by the Blair Government. It is a salutary lesson for Australia where the Rudd Government is completing a similar market-oriented revolution in education initiated by the Howard Government with the introduction of school league tables. Continue reading “The Failure of England’s Education Revolution”