My School Comparisons Expose Hypocrisy of PM and Gillard

The Save Our Schools public education advocacy group today accused the Prime Minister and the Federal Education Minister of hypocrisy and duplicity about reporting school results.

SOS national convenor, Trevor Cobbold, said they have broken each of their three key promises about publishing school results. Continue reading “My School Comparisons Expose Hypocrisy of PM and Gillard”

Languages Learning Under Threat from League Tables

Language education in secondary schools continues to decline under the pressure of league tables according to new reports on language education just released in England and the United States. The studies add to the weight of evidence that league tables narrow the school curriculum and student learning. They suggest that the efforts to expand language learning in Australia are likely to be impeded by the imminent publication of school results. Continue reading “Languages Learning Under Threat from League Tables”

Overtested, Overrated and Over Here

The 28th of January this year will mark a very dark day for our education system in Australia. For the first time in our history, school data will be published nationally and available online. Julia Gillard has decided to do this based on similar systems in the U.K. and United States. The minister has ignored the plethora of research condemning the approaches advocated by these countries. Continue reading “Overtested, Overrated and Over Here”

Boycott is the Only Answer to Gillard’s Intransigence on League Tables

Save Our Schools today called on parents to support the planned teachers’ boycott of the national literacy and numeracy tests this year. SOS National Convenor, Trevor Cobbold, said that parents should consider withdrawing their children from the tests. Continue reading “Boycott is the Only Answer to Gillard’s Intransigence on League Tables”

School closure whitewash fails community yet again

The ACT Government’s response to the recommendations from the Assembly Inquiry into school closures is grossly inadequate and as misleading and dishonest as the initial school closure process.

Despite the evidence provided by the community to the Inquiry and, indeed, the findings and recommendations of the Inquiry itself, the Minister still repeats the same false claims made during 2006, even though they are now proven to be false.

In particular, the Minister maintains that the consultation process was genuine and adequate, that small schools are expensive and unviable and so deserved to close, and that the social, educational and financial impacts of closing schools were adequately considered.

The detailed analysis of the school closure process has demonstrated that none of these is true (download analysis here).

Sarah James

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My School is in Breach of National Ministerial Agreement

The new national system of reporting school test results has failed to meet the standards set for it by education ministers.

The My School website unveiled by the Federal Education Minister, Julia Gillard, last month is in breach of the national ministerial agreement for reporting school results.  Continue reading “My School is in Breach of National Ministerial Agreement”

Dirty Tricks Used to Boost School Rankings

The imminent publication of school results in Australia will inevitably give rise to the extensive rorting and manipulation of results to improve school rankings that has become a feature of school systems in England and the United States.

A common rort is for schools to selectively admit high achieving students, ‘cream off’ high achievers from other schools and exclude low achievers so as to boost their results.

Continue reading “Dirty Tricks Used to Boost School Rankings”

My School Reports Will Name and Shame

I can absolutely guarantee there’s not one part of the Education Revolution that’s about naming and shaming schools. I won’t do that, I don’t believe in doing that….it’s not about naming and shaming.

So said Julia Gillard in a doorstop interview just hours after she unveiled the My School website last month.

Her statement is either a crass deceit or it reveals her complete ignorance about what she is doing and that she just sprouts whatever her advisors put in front of her. Continue reading “My School Reports Will Name and Shame”

Great reasons to restore heritage schools at Flynn, Tharwa and Hall

The ACT Government has a great opportunity this week to move to restore and open heritage-cited schools at Flynn, Tharwa and Hall in response to new information and community support, according to the Flynn Primary School Parents and Citizens Association.

The ACT Government is expected to make its initial response to the findings of the School Closure Inquiry later this week and Flynn P&C President Roger Nicoll said that the community is hopeful that the Government will respond favourably to new information.

Continue reading “Great reasons to restore heritage schools at Flynn, Tharwa and Hall”