You Have A Choice…Do As I Say

Julie Bishop’s ultimatum that the ACT introduce external Year 12 exams exposes the hypocrisy of the Howard Government’s education policy.

Despite its rhetoric of choice in education as being fundamental to respecting different needs, it readily over-rules the choices of parents, teachers and students where it suits Government prejudices and interests. Continue reading “You Have A Choice…Do As I Say”

New Testing Regime Will Narrow School Curriculum

A new US report calls into question the new testing regime announced last week by the Federal Minister for Education according to the public education advocacy group, Save Our Schools.

SOS spokesman, Trevor Cobbold, said that a report by the Washington-based Centre on Education Policy shows that national testing and reporting school results narrows the school curriculum. Continue reading “New Testing Regime Will Narrow School Curriculum”

Cheating to Improve School Results is Rampant

Publishing school results does not necessarily lead to real improvements in school performance, whatever the Howard Government and the Labor Opposition may argue. The desire to achieve a high ranking and enhance a school’s reputation often leads to cheating and other ways of manipulating school results. Continue reading “Cheating to Improve School Results is Rampant”

Labor Backs School League Tables

Whatever Government is in power next year, we can expect to be treated to an annual public hunt for the worst schools in Australia.

The Federal ALP has joined forces with the Howard Government’s plan for a ‘crime and punishment’ approach to school improvement. The Shadow Minister for Education, Stephen Smith, says that a Federal Labor Government will ensure that state governments publish school literacy and numeracy results. Continue reading “Labor Backs School League Tables”

The Great School Fraud

This article is a summary of The Great School Fraud, a paper prepared for the Australian Education Union by Trevor Cobbold. The full paper can be downloaded below.

The Howard Government has consolidated the social divide in education in Australia by increasing the privatisation of schooling and promoting competition to determine who gets what in education. It is all based on fraudulent claims.

Continue reading “The Great School Fraud”

Media Release 18 June 2007 – Use Surplus to Improve Student Outcomes

Save Our Schools has called on the ACT Government to use part of its Budget surplus to improve student outcomes.

SOS spokesperson, Trevor Cobbold, has told the Estimates Committee of the Legislative Assembly that the ACT Government has accumulated a $600 million surplus while ignoring student learning needs. Continue reading “Media Release 18 June 2007 – Use Surplus to Improve Student Outcomes”

Media Release 21 June 2007 – Student/Teacher Advantage in Government Schools Slashed

Save Our Schools says that Canberra’s government secondary schools have lost much of their advantage over private schools in terms of their lower student/teacher ratio.

SOS spokesperson, Trevor Cobbold, called on the ACT Government to restore 60 teacher positions cut from government high schools and colleges earlier this year. Continue reading “Media Release 21 June 2007 – Student/Teacher Advantage in Government Schools Slashed”