ACT Greens Fight Against School Closures

Greens MLA, Deb Foskey, is introducing a Bill to the Legislative Assembly that, if passed, would put a stop to any school closures until 2008 and ensure that any school closure thereafter would have to be confirmed by a vote in the Assembly.

To support the Bill, the Greens are organising a rally to take place outside the Assembly on Wednesday August 16 at 1pm – the same day the legislation will be introduced. A copy of the Bill is available on Deb Foskey’s website: .

The Greens are also circulating a petition in support of the legislation and which will be presented to the Assembly on the day of the rally. They are asking P&Cs and community groups to collect signatures. The petition can be downloaded from the ACT Greens website: .

• Tell your friends, family and school community about the Bill and the rally on the 16 August.
• Distribute copies of the petition to local schools, and community groups to collect signatures.

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