Flynn Welcomes Opportunity to Plan Community Hub

The John Flynn Community Group hopes to work with the ACT Government to develop a masterplan for a childcare centre and sustainable community hub at Flynn following a positive meeting with Disability Housing and Community Services Minister, Joy Burch, last week.

“It is pleasing to see that $4 million will be spent in Flynn, that childcare will be part of a community hub, and that Minister Burch has committed to work with the community on the planning,” according to community spokesperson, Roger Nicoll.

“We were also happy to see broad agreement for reducing costs and maximising the benefits through a plan developed from the outset with community input.

A masterplan is needed to ensure efficiencies, economies of scale, optimum balance of needed facilities and adequate heritage conservation.

“We are also happy there is wide recognition that the Flynn community hub needs to be not only childcare but a socially and environmentally sustainable community hub.

At last Friday’s Budget Committee hearing and an earlier meeting with Ms Burch, the Flynn community group welcomed news of the $4 million investment and a collaborative planning approach.

“The John Flynn Community Group looks forward to the opportunity to be part of this master planning and to feed into it the research that our community has undertaken and our knowledge and experience of the Flynn Primary School site and its heritage features.”

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