What Is NAPLAN Doing to Your School?

The next round of NAPLAN tests is only weeks away. Save Our Schools is collecting information on the impact of NAPLAN on students, teachers and schools.

Tell us your stories and information about the effects of NAPLAN in your school. Use the “Contact Us” facility on the Save Our Schools website. If you have more detailed information and stories contact us to arrange another address to send your information.

Information supplied will be used to compile an analysis of the impact of NAPLAN. Names of people supplying information and schools will be kept in strict confidence.

Please pass on to friends and colleagues.

Here are some things to consider:

1. How significant is NAPLAN in your school? For example, some say it is treated as the equivalent of a Year 12 exam.

2. What pressure do education officials put on schools to do well in NAPLAN? How is this done?

3. What pressure is placed on teachers to improve the results of their classroom? What is the effect this pressure on teachers?

4. What is the effect on students?

5. Does absenteeism increase on test days?

6. How much time is devoted to practising for NAPLAN tests – hours per day per week – and for how long in the lead up to the NAPLAN tests. When does practise start, eg, beginning of Term 1?

7. Are some subjects are missing out from increased time spent on NAPLAN? Which subjects?

8. Has the length of recess and lunch time changed as a result of NAPLAN and, if so, by how much?

9. How much pressure is placed on parents and students to practice for NAPLAN at home?

10. In what ways has NAPLAN changed the teaching of literacy and numeracy? For example, is their less emphasis on creative learning and in-depth learning? Is more time being spent on short texts and answering questions about them?

11. Has NAPLAN changed the way some students are taught? For example, is there more attention to children who are on the border of achieving minimum standards? Is this a school strategy?

12. Are some students encouraged to stay home during NAPLAN test week? Has it been suggested to some parents that it would be better for their child to stay home during test week? Is this common practice?

13. Has the public reporting of NAPLAN results affected the ability to attract and retain experienced teachers?

14. Has public reporting of school results affected collaboration and co-operation between schools in your area? In what ways?

15. Are NAPLAN results used as a criterion for enrolment in your school? Were you requested to supply your child’s NAPLAN results in enrolling at the school?

16. Do schools inform parents they can withdraw their children from NAPLAN?

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