The Faces of Public Education – North-West Belconnen media event

This is an event to publicise our support for our schools. The theme is that we love our schools and would like to keep them the way they are! The event was initially for schools in the NW Belconnen cluster, but has now been widened to include all schools, preschools and colleges who want to be involved.

The event will involve having hundreds of paper plates decorated by school students, displayed in a prominent location. Each plate will be sticky-taped to a wooden barbecue skewer so that it can be ‘planted’ in the ground. The idea is to use the plates to form a shape, or letters, expressing something relevant to the theme (ideas for shapes, letters etc are welcome), or simply to have a huge number of plates, to create a stunning display.

We will also be compiling a list of some of the student ‘statements’ (ie the words written on the back of the plates), to give to the media.

When and where

The event will take place on the afternoon of Friday 8 September 2006 at Reconciliation Place (parking available near Questacom). We will go to the venue as soon as school finishes at 3pm, and expect to start ‘planting’ the paper plates at about 3.30pm. We will invite the media to come along to photograph it, and talk to students and parents. We are also inviting politicians.

What we need from you

If you would like to be involved, please ask each child in your school to prepare a paper plate with a smiley face (their face if they wish) on the front and either drawings or writing on the other side expressing what they like about their school. For example, your P&C could send plates home with students, to decorate at home and then bring back to the school.

Once you have all your decorated plates, please sticky-tape a barbecue skewer firmly to the back of each one, put them in a box and:
• deliver them to Melba High School (in which case, please deliver your decorated, skewered plates to the front office of Melba High School by lunchtime on Thursday 7 September); or
• bring them yourselves to the actual event.

You are also welcome to submit a selection of the student ‘statements’, to be included in the list we give to the media. Please select some and email them to me, noting which school they are from.

If you need more information, or would like to help out on the day, please contact Hilary Cadman on 0419 276 110, email

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